Financial Committee Policies




Policies instituted by the finance committee

  • The finance committee contact person is Patti Cobb. Any requests or questions for the committee can be made through her.
  • Class fees for regular Thursday classes are as follows: A series of 9 classes is $60, drop-in fees for a single class is $8.
  • Class members need to get approval from the finance committee for any class expenses over $50.
  • Class members should be as accurate as possible on the sign-in sheet. We need the accurate numbers of attendees and the amounts paid. If there are any over or under payments for whatever reason, those need to be noted on the sign-in sheet. Any extra donations or purchases should also be written down there.
  • Method of paying musicians. The committee decided on the following:
    • Musicians for a regular class (as well as the intro and BANDW parties) get paid $15 for the primary musician, and $10 for a secondary musician. If there are 3 or more musicians then they get $30 total to divide amongst themselves.
    • Musicians for our solstice parties get paid $25 each up to a maximum of $100. If there are 5 or more musicians they can decide how to split the $100 amongst themselves.
    • Musicians for our Valentine's Ball review session get paid $25 each up to a maximum of $100. If there are 5 or more musicians they can decide how to split the $100 amongst themselves.
  • Family rates for the class: full price for adults and half price for children. Family/youth pricing should apply even if the parents don't come. A youth is anything up to 18 years old. If we get students between 18 and 22, discount scholarships can be given on a case by case basis.
  • Pro-rating series fees and refunding series fees.
    • We already offer to pro-rate series for beginners who aren't sure if they would like the class until a couple classes into the series. This is important because we want to do what we can to encourage new dancers to stick around.
    • The question of refunds is a rare request and it will be decided on a case by case basis. However, it seems reasonable if someone tried dancing for a few weeks and discovered that their body couldn't handle the stresses dancing can bring, than they should be able to get the remaining series cost refunded. No official blanket policy on refunds has been made, but we decided that the philosophy is to do what we could to encourage the dancers to try Scottish dancing.
  • The class has set up a scholarship fund to help those who need it. If a dancer signs up for a series, the scholarship fund can pay for up to 50% of that cost anonymously. They just need to get in touch with one of the people on the Scholarship Committee: Patti Cobb, Trina Merriman, or Linnea Johnson. Then money will be pulled from the special fund to cover part of the series cost without anyone else (outside the finance committee or treasurer) being aware of who is getting the help.
  • Teachers do not have to pay for any class or special event (Solstice Party, Ball Review, etc.) if they are teaching or participating in the running of (i.e. briefing dances) the class/event. If they are just there to dance, then they are acting as a normal class member and should pay the appropriate fee.
  • Newcomers and first time visitors may attend a class for free even if it isn't an intro party or recruitment night. We want to encourage new people to try it out.
  • These policies will be reviewed by the rest of the class every year at the annual class meeting.

For additional information call 415-841-9456 or send email to us.

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