San Francisco Class Report 2005-2006




It was another lively year of dancing for the San Francisco class. Bruce Herbold continued to teach the intermediate group at Noe Valley while Trina Merriman handled our enthusiastic beginners. Trina was once again helped out by two of our class members who were practicing their teaching skills. Both Tim Wilson and Patti Cobb are working toward their full teaching certificates.

For the summer of 2005, we continued our long- standing tradition of having our class taught by a series of excellent guest teachers. Trina and Susie worked with an adjudication team, which performed at the Pleasanton Games. In the fall, the experienced group returned to classes with our familiar teacher, Bruce, and the new beginners started their classes with Trina. This year's beginning dancers really enjoy dancing and make a terrific addition to our group.

As always, this season we've had superb live fiddle and/or flute music in class almost every week from our class musicians Katherine Hall, David Strong and Micah Reinhold. We also enjoy the addition of Patti Cobb on piano to the mix of our in-class band when she decides to play instead of dance or teach.

The classes have included dances from the monthly parties in addition to other new or unique dances. About once a month, in the class after the monthly party, Bruce taught new dances that he's found that just seem fun, or used that class to have us be guinea pigs to test possible future monthly party dances, so we once again learned a wide variety of dances.

We threw two successful Solstice parties with wonderful live music and a lot of great dancing. As usual for our class parties, both events included dances written by class members. For the December party we had a dance by Bruce Herbold, "Mistress McKelvy". For this Summer Solstice party we had "A Reel for Poggy" written by Susie Langdon Kass.

In February, the San Francisco class hosted our annual Valentine's Ball review with dances taught by Susie Langdon Kass, Trina Merriman and Bruce Herbold. It was well attended with many dancers coming from all parts of the Bay Area. And not surprisingly, many of our class members attended this year's Valentine's Ball.

We held our first annual class meeting to decide on teachers for next year and set up plans for improving the class and getting the word out to new people. Our financial situation is still holding its own this year. We have had regular attendance of a good core group of dancers and a nice bunch of beginners through the year.

We are currently enjoying another summer of variety with our guest teachers and look forward to our new beginning class starting in the fall.

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